Wish Come True

It can be dangerous making a wish and having the wish come true. When Michelle Wie left Hawaii to play in Phoenix, Carlsbad then Rancho Mirage, she wished she could stay home and go to the beach, hang out with friends and eat poke. After the ANA Inspiration, she left immediately the next day to Hawaii. She tweeted to her fans that she was going to the beach and relax. Like a lot of her LPGA friends, she was going to take a week off before playing the Lotte Championship which is on the same island as where she lives.

Michelle played a tough round and ended up at +8. The trade winds were blowing hard on first round and it affected ball flight. It was exceptionally difficult to stand over your ball and putt with any stability. Of all the players, Michelle would have been the best player to play in these conditions but the wind proved too hard for her to go low.

The second round started with a proposed cut line at +2. Michelle knew she would have to put in a solid round to stay around the weekend to contend. On the first tee, she hit out of bound and her score quickly inflated to +10. It looked impossible but Michelle tried hard. Her putts just wouldn’t drop.

By the 15th hole, it was clear that Michelle was going to have the weekend off. Her wish came true – to go to the beach, eat poke and relax. She missed the cut along with Natalie Gulbis, Cheyenne Woods, Allison Lee and others.


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