Ariya is Close Again

If you’re listening Ariya, please win the tournament in Texas this weekend. It would bring so much happiness to fans in Thailand and here. Your sister Moriya will celebrate it with you and so would your mom and brother. Ariya Jutanugarn played so well today that she could have ended the day higher than third on the leaderboard. She played fearlessly. It was unheard of but she went for the green in two on the last hole. A wonderful chip and a great putt earned her a birdie. Nice shot Ariya!

According to Judy Rankin, Ariya’s swing is compact and repeatable. It is a beautiful golf swing and Ariya can win more tournaments because she is a good player. Judy thinks that Ariya is an untapped player, ready to be a star but unfortunately, she can’t seem to close. The last time she was leading a tournament was at the ANA Inspiration before faltering on the last 3 holes. Ariya was a bundle of nerves and pulled her tee shot into the water. She could have tied Lydia Ko and force a playoff but instead, she fell down the leaderboard.

Ariya needs to believe that she can win here. Don’t let this opportunity get away from you. Win it for Thailand.



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