Another Tough Week for Michelle Wie

It was another tough week for Michelle Wie and after two dreadful rounds, she missed the cut again and will not be playing in Texas this weekend. Michelle ended up at +6, four strokes away from the proposed cut. She hasn’t played the weekend since the ANA Inspiration.

Round 2 was cut short because of weather and play was suspended. It will resume at 7:30am in the morning before Round 3.

Fans of Michelle can’t believe this is happening to her. She seems to be injury-free and swinging freely. Her drives are out there and she gets on the green in regulation but when it comes to putting, she can’t seem to find the line. I know it is getting used to the new putting technique but I wished she did not add Jack Nicklaus’ scrunched up style to her tabletop setup. She used to putt better.

No wonder why Michelle is not as friendly as before. As a fan, I forgive her for telling me that she has no time for a picture with her. And as far as an autograph is concerned, I’ll just dust off an old program with her signature on it. I hope you will get better Michelle. Smile – life is not so bad.


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